What old spells do i need?
Spiritual Squall Rk. IIITBL110
Chaotic Poison Rk. IIITBL109
Elkikatar’s PandemicTBL108
Dissident RoarTBL106Progressive spell
Reckless Rejuvenation Rk. IIIROS110
Blood of Tevik Rk. IIIROS110
Chant of the Wulthan Rk. IIIROS109
Ancient Alliance Rk. IIIEOK103
Responsive Spirit Rk. IIIEOK101
Spirit of Tala’TakEOK74Need for AA Lupine Spirit to work
Reckless Regeneration Rk. IIITDS105
Reckless Restoration Rk. IIIROF100
Eradicate DiseaseROF52Found in PoK Library
Eradicate CurseROF54(Upgrade from RGC) Found in PoK Library
Eradicate PoisonROF56Found in PoK Library
Issuance of Malos Rk. IIIVOA95
Wind of Malisene Rk. IIIHOT89
Preincarnation Rk. IIISOF80Rk. III is quested (Required for AA)
Turgur’s InsectsROK51Needed for AA slows to work
Original list from cazic.Raccoo