What old spells/discs do i need?
Impenitent Influence Rk. IIITBL110
Bloodletting Covenant Rk. IIITBL109
Concordant Disruption Rk. IIITBL108Do not use on raids
Dissident FangTBL106Progressive spell
Touch of T’Vem Rk. IIIROS110
Cursed Guardian Disc Rk. IIIROS107
Reflexive Revulsion Rk. IIIEOK104
Breather Rk. IIITDS101
Terminal Breath Rk. IIIROF100
Deflection DisciplineSOD59
Leechcurse Discipline60Found in PoK Library
Unholy Aura Discipline55Found in PoK Library
Original list from cazic.Raccoo
What heroic stat do I use?

Heroic Dexterity is your primary heroic stat

All of your Type5 augs should be hDex

All of your Type7/8 augs should have hDex

Common Macros
Screenshot of an Everquest in game Macro for Shadow Knight assisting
Assist MA, Auto Attack on, Set Healer Merc to reactive, send pet, send swarm pets
In game screenshot of a Shadow Knight macro to use Deflection and AE taunt
Cancel any running disc, use Deflection, Cast AA TARGETED AE taunt, Cast AA PBAE taunt, /rs announce
In game screenshot of an Everquest Shadow Knight Macro to summon and buff your pet
Mem spellset with summon pet gem 13, pet haste buff gem 1, summon pet, buff pet, cast fortify pet AA
In game screenshot of a Everquest Shadow Knight macro to summon a Holgresh Eye and life tap it
Summon Holgresh Elder eye, Target the Eye, cast Torrent of Suffering line AC Tap buff gem 9, cast Refute for power AC tap gem 7