What old spells do i need?
Malevolent Covenant Rk. IIITBL110
Dissident ParoxysmTBL106Progressive spell
Mourgis’ Grip of DecayTBL110
Remote Sphere of Blight Rk. IIITBL108
Scourge of Destiny Rk. IIITBL108
Cytotoxic Proliferation Rk. IIIROS110
Grip of Kraz Rk. IIIROS106
Morgis’ Decay Rk. IIIROS106
Mortiferous Wounds Rk. IIITDS105
Pernicious Wounds Rk. IIIROF100
Necrotizing Wounds Rk. IIIVOA95
Scent of Terris52Found in PoK Library
Original list from cazic.Raccoo