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      IGC exists to raid competitively. These standards and rules are designed to ensure we are fielding the strongest most effective raid force possible. Everything matters.

      We were hesitant to have a verbose list of rules. Mainly because most of this should go unsaid and we have no burning desire to spend our lives moderating the behavior of other adults.

      Experience has shown us that this is not the case and there will be people that are excited about the standards we lay out and there will be people that will find them uncomfortable. If you are the former, you are in good company.

      We have one social expectation that is at the root of all our rules … don’t be a dick.

      If you get off saying things just to see if someone in the channel blinks … you’re a dick. You know who you are, you know what you are, do it somewhere else.


      RULE #1 People talk, conversation is good! Trolling, shit talking, politics, religion, competition, jealousy, hemorrhoids, burnout, it’s all to be expected, but there is a line. That line is racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other “ism” that makes it unpleasant to be in your company. This goes for what you say and what you name your characters. If you behave like a dick, you will be removed.

      RULE #2 Do not cheat, hack, exploit, abuse bugs or otherwise do anything that would get you or your guild mates banned. You will be removed.

      RULE #3 Tantrums are for other guilds to deal with. We do not care why, how, or whose fault it is you find yourself having a fit. Log off and come back later in control. If you are unable to control yourself you will be removed. If you remove yourself from the guild, you will stay removed.

      RULE #4 Interpersonal drama is for other guilds. We are all here to raid. We are all on the same team and rely on everyone working as a unit to succeed. We do not have to like each other, but we do have to work together professionally. If your personal stuff spills over into guild space, effects who you will group with on raids or otherwise comes to the attention of the leadership in any way. You will be removed.

      The rules stated above are ours to modify when we see fit.

      If ‘don’t be a dick’ and ‘always be improving’ are mantras you relate to, then IGC is a good fit.

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