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      What to do first after making a heroic toon or logging in after a multi year hiatus is always a challenge. The following guide will list out and help prioritize what to work on and whats most likely new since you played last.

      First steps …


      Make sure your “Autogrant” AA setting is checked. Open your AA window. In the top right corner there is a checkbox marked “autogrant” make sure it is checked. For all heroic toons this will autogrant AA’s to you until level 105 (do not grind xp into AA before 105).

      Upgrade to your Journeyman 5 Merc — Complete the quest No Heroism Without Fear. Then dismiss your lower tier mercenaries and hire tier 5 mercenaries in PoK.

      Fellowship Registration Insignia — Say “how” to Randall of the Fellows in PoK

      Purchase and setup Anchors — Find Alerynril the Loyal in PoK and purchase a Primary Anchor Package and a Secondary Anchor Package. If you are a Wizard or a Druid purchase a Guild Anchor Package as well. Take them to the player made guild hall (the left hand door in the Guild Lobby). Opening the Primary Anchor Package will put two items on your cursor; Primary Anchor and Primary Anchor Transport Device. Place the Primary Anchor in the pool where you zoned in and hold “alt” and scroll down to make it as small as possible. Place the Primary Anchor Transport Device in your bag, this is a gate clicky usable every 30 minutes. Repeat with the Secondary and Guild anchors. If you are a Wizard or Druid you will also receive spells to port to and TL to these anchors.

      Read up on your classes current spells/discs — Click here and find your class

      Read about current debuffs — click here and find your class

      Read through the ToV Eastern Wastes quests. This is the first zone in ToV and most likely where you will start current content questing

      Read about the new Luck Stat

      Check your /claim and see what rewards you have. Often there are xp potions.

      Checkout /calendar … this is a new feature that will show any server wide events like double xp or seasonal quests.


      Daily Quests — These need to be farmed for currency or drops by returning players

      Fight Fire — This mission is easy to farm with a shaman or other punt root class. It will give currency for slot 5 augs as well as chance for the TBL Evolving Loot … you will need all 4 … Ring, Gloves, Shoulders, Boots

      ToV Velks Mission — This is the easiest tank and spank mission. You will need a full group to complete it but it will most likely be the mission you farm every day with your friends for ToV currency as well as t2 group gear loot.


      Things To Know

      Advanced Loot/advl This is not intuative but vital to handling loot in groups and raids in the current game. There are some guides you can search for and read online but most likely you need to ask some one to walk you through it in game.

      /autoskill — no need to spam Backstab or Bash anymore. Each class that uses combat abilitys can set one ability using the /autoskill command so it will be pressed automatically on refresh without having to manually do it or add it to you mash. It will just fire any time your auto attacking.

      Guild Hall Clickies — In the player made Guild Hall you will find lots of items on the walls that are actually portals to different places in Everquest. Most importantly each expansion has a clicky to the hub zone of that expansion. Right click any item to see where it will port you.

      Tradeskill Gear and Tradeskill Augs — The past few expansions have consistently included TS gear that is the top tier group gear as well as TS augs. The fastest way to get some current aug up grades (slot 7 and 5) is to buy the TS augs and farm the dropped piece to complete it. The same goes with the TS gear. A full list will be published but for now ask in guild what can be made.


      Things To Do

      Epic 2.0 — To achieve Full Member status your character must complete their epic 2.0

      Rogue Epic 2.0

      Warrior Epic 2.0

      Ranger Epic 2.0

      Wizard Epic 2.0

      Mage Epic 2.0

      Cleric Epic 2.0

      Necromancer Epic 2.0

      Bard Epic 2.0

      Shaman Epic 2.0

      Berserker Epic 2.0

      Paladin Epic 2.0

      Shadow Knight Epic 2.0

      Beastlord Epic 2.0

      Druid Epic 2.0

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