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      Disciplines and AA’s:

      Burning Discs:

      Frenzied Resolve – Increase Chance of Additional 2H Attack by 105%, Increase Min Hit Damage by 315%, Increase Chance to Hit by 32%, Self Root
      Cleaving Acrimony – Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 275%, Increase Chance to Crippling Blow by 230%
      Brutal – Increase Hit Damage by 120%, Increase Min Hit Damage by 610%
      Avenging Flurry – Increase Chance of Additional 2H Attack by 125%, Increase Chance to Double Attack by 10000%, Decrease Weapon Delay by 20.3%, Increase Chance to Flurry by 16%
      Disconcerting – Increase Chance to Critical Hit with all weapon skills by 53%, Increase Chance to Critical Hit with Frenzy by 53%, Increase Base Hit Damage by 11%
      Furious Rampage – Increase Chance to AE Attack by 100% with 15% Damage, Increase Chance to Repeat Primary Hand Round by 100%
      Untamed Rage – Increase Chance to Double Attack by 50%, Decrease Current HP by 3000 per tick, Add Melee Proc: Untamed Rage XV (Azia) (Untamed Rage refresh), Increase Melee Haste v3 by 25%, Decrease Current HP by 2% up to 10000, Increase ATK by 310, Increase Chance to Hit by 40%
      Savage Spirit – 1: Increase Critical All Weapon Skills damage by 280% of Base Damage, Increase Critical Frenzy Damage by 280% of Base Damage
      Reckless Abandon – Increase Hit Damage by 66%
      Juggernaut Surge – Increase Hit Damage Bonus by 225, Increase Critical Hit Damage by 60% of Base Damage
      Blinding Fury – Increase ATK by 510, Add Melee Proc: Blinded by Fury X (Increase Chance of Additional 2H Attack by 100%, Increase Chance to Double Attack by 10000%, Decrease Weapon Delay by 15%, Blind
      Second Spire of Savagery – Increase Chance to Hit with Throwing by 50%, Increase Min Throwing Damage by 60%, Increase Throwing Damage Bonus by 120

      Spammable Discs – (Abilities that should always be on CD):

      Desperation – Increase Melee Haste v3 by 25% (Just regular haste, already will be max on raid)
      Blood Pact – Add Melee Proc: Blood Pact Strike XXII (2750)
      Amplified Frenzy – Decrease Frenzy Timer by 3s, Add Skill Proc: Amplified Frenzy Strike II (4.6k)
      Sapping Strikes – Add Melee Proc: Sapping Strike II (4 Procs), Decrease Current HP by 9027, Returns 40% of Damage as Endurance, Max Per Hit: 4333
      War Cry of the Braxi – Increase Hit Damage Taken by 13% (30 Hits) (Always hit before Dichotomic)
      Bubbling Rage – Add Melee Proc: Bubbling Rage Strike II, 2H Slash Attack for 254 with 53% Accuracy Mod (2 Strikes)
      Binding Axe – Throwing Attack for 500 with 10000% Accuracy Mod
      Shared Cruelty – Increase all weapon skills Damage Bonus by 457
      Demolishing Frenzy – Frenzy Attack for 196 with 10000% Accuracy Mod (3), Cast: Overpowering Frenzy Effect (Increase Frenzy Damage Taken by 25%, Increase Throwing Damage Taken by 25%)
      Demolishing Volley – Throwing Attack for 218 with 10000% Accuracy Mod (4)
      Demolishing Axe Throw – Throwing Attack for 592 with 10000% Accuracy Mod
      Axe of the Aeons – 2H Slash Attack for 669 with 1000% Accuracy Mod, 2H Slash Attack for 920 with 1000% Accuracy Mod, 2H Slash Attack for 1171 with 1000% Accuracy Mod
      Rampage – AE Attack (4 Rounds)
      Arcslice – Frontal AE Attack (4 Targets) 2H Slash Attack for 250 with 1000% Accuracy Mod (2)
      Vicious Cyclone – AE Attack (12 Targets) Decrease Current HP by 4083 (Shares timer with Arcslice)
      Distraction Attack – Add Melee Proc: Distraction Attack Strike XVIII (Decrease Hate by 2500, Decrease Current Hate by 1%) (Can hit with burns if you want, honestly doesn’t help too much)

      Upkeep Abilities:

      Cry Carnage – Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 100%, Increase Accuracy by 21 (Lasts 10 mins now)
      Battle Leap – Increase Hit Damage by 45% (Only need to hit this once per zone, unless you’ve died)

      Randoms – (Abilities that are situational):

      Agony of Absolution – Decrease Current HP by 2800 per tick, Purify (20) (Used to cure some bad shit if your group healer is slacking or dead)
      Uncanny Resilience – Absorb Melee Damage: 50%, Max Per Hit: 26250, Total: 175000 (Reflex AA, I’d recommend an “oh shit” key for this if you get agro)
      Blood Sustenance – Lifetap from Weapon Damage: 50% (Max 500 hits) (Can’t be activated with Furious Rampage, great for heavy AOE events or if you get agro on an add)


      Vehement Rage – Increase Hit Damage by 15%, Increase Min Hit Damage by 45% (Next to worthless, honestly doesn’t do much at all, hit when nothing else is up)
      Bloodfury – Decrease Current HP by 29000, Decrease Current HP by 3000 per tick, Cast: Bloodshield II on Fade (35k Rune) (Used to drop health for Amplified Frenzy and Frenzied Resolve)
      Communion of Blood – Decrease Current HP by 30000, Increase Current Endurance by 15017 (10 minute CD, use wisely)
      Phantom Assailant – Swarm Pet (Minimal DPS, sometimes detrimental to use swarm pets)
      Demolisher’s Alliance – Provides your group with an 8k-ish Proc, can trigger a large nuke on the mob if enough Berserkers are on it in raid.

      War Cry: (Called for by the Raid Leader or Zerker Lead for raid adps, Cry of Battle AA used to MGB):

      Battle Cry of the Mastruq – Decrease Weapon Delay by 9%, Increase ATK by 50 (Bought off Merchant)
      Ancient: Cry of Chaos – Decrease Weapon Delay by 11.3%, Increase ATK by 60 (Quested, GoD)


      Currently the best Heroic stat to aug for is Heroic Dexterity. There have been many people who have parsed the differences and Dexterity has come out the winner on all of their conditional parses. If you’d like to see for yourself you may have to do a little digging on the Everquest forums to find the results. Another thing to do is get your Spell slot 3’s to increase their damage or decrease reuse time. Currently the useful ones are for Demolishing Axe Throw, Demolishing Volley, Axe of Numicia and Vicious Cyclone. Once you have all of the relevant ones start filling empty slots with ATK augs from LDoN’s.

      Disc Rotation:

      Main Burn – Amplified Frenzy, Savage Spirit, Brutal Discipline, Second Spire, Blinding Fury, Untamed Rage, Epic 2.0, Silent Strikes, Furious Rampage (If allowed, Focused Furious Rampage if mezzed adds).

      Inbetween – Disconcerting Discipline, Glyph of the Cataclysm

      Secondary Burn – Cleaving Acrimony, Reckless Abandon, Shaman Epic, Epic 2.0

      Inbetween – Frenzied Resolve, Juggernaut Surge

      Tertiary Burn – Avenging Flurry, Vehement Rage, Shaman Epic, Epic 2.0

      For the Main Burn you will most likely have Shaman Epic being cast since generally we hit shaman epic when we call full burn, so the in-betweens are teamed with the shorter cool down discs alongside the no longer stacking critical multipliers.

      Attentive Stacking – In order to maximize your sustained DPS throughout the fight you’re going to want to not use Blinding Fury when Quick Time is up. These 2 abilities are almost the same, Blinding Fury is a little better so if at all possible use this before Quick Time so you can pop it later on in the event. Both abilities are HHE’s (Hundred Hands Effect). Quick Time is 14.5% and Blinding Fury is 15%. Blinding Fury has some other benefits to it as well but you never want to waste HHE’s especially as a berserker. The Beastlord’s Dichotomic Fury and Ruaabri’s Fury are also something to watch for, but with the current up time and recast time on Dichotomic Fury it’s near impossible to 100% max out your use of Blinding Fury.

      General Knowledge:

      With the Epic still having a cast time make sure you never click it while actively burning. The only time you should hit epic while attacking is when you either have Res Affects or have nothing running. Otherwise you’re losing more DPS than you’re gaining during the cast time. Another thing to mention is to wait to hit your spam DPS button till after your burns are going. Don’t hit them as you pop burns or you’re wasting a lot of DPS potential.

      Not sure if Derresh was going to repost an update but since the old post is lost here’s one I put together.

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