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      We’re glad you’re interested in joining our guild!

      To apply follow the steps below.

      STEP 1
      Create an account on our forum.
      Create New User >

      STEP 2
      Read through our rules and make sure you are a good fit with IGC.
      Read the IGC Guild Rules >

      STEP 3
      Join our Discord channel.
      IGC Discord Channel >

      STEP 4
      Copy/paste the questions below. Then email the questions with your answers to ingoodcompanyguild@gmail.com

      1. What is your Forum name?
      2. What is your Discord name?
      3. What’s your Character’s Name?
      4. Is this a brand new Heroic toon?
      5. What class/level is your toon?
      6. Is this an alt or your main?
      7. Do you have alts you want invited to the guild? Tell us more.
      8. What is your overall playtime like over the next 3 months?
      9. We raid Mon-Fri 9pm-10pm EST. Which nights are you most likely to make raids over the next 3 months?
      10. Whats your history with EQ? How long have you been playing? What servers have you played on, guilds you have been a part of.
      11. Have you raided in EQ before?If so what era?
      12. Do you understand that we a zero tolerance policy on hacking (yes that means MacroQuest) all, flavors, reasons, times. If you are caught you will be booted, no matter how much we like you.
      13. What’s your favorite pie? This is the most important question on the form.
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