Click the following link and bookmark for easy access.

Create an account. Make sure your nickname is the same as your characters name in-game

Image of the IGC OpenDKP homepage. The Characters link is highlighted
Click on the Characters link in the left nav to see a list of all characters that have received DPK. Find your character and click on their name.
Screenshot of the Character page of In Good Companies OpenDKP site. The Claim Character link is highighted
Click the Claim Character button in the top right of your characters screen

Claiming your character will flag it for a DKP Officer to approve. If you have questions or complications please message Venato in game or in Discord.

During a raid when loot is dropped an officer will place all the loot up for bid in the OpenDKP app. The first step in placing bids will be to select the Bidding tool tab on the left side. All loot for the raids will be handled within this window. As people win the bids a notification will be sent in Raid chat informing which person can loot which item.

Screen shot of the In Good Company OpenDKP left nav with the Bidding Tool link highlgihted

— Thank you to Venato <In Good Company> for publishing this guide!