What old Songs do i need?
Covenant of Sticks and Stones Rk. IIITBL110
Dissident PsalmTBL106Requires TBL progression to level
Reflexive Rejoinder Rk. IIIEOK105
Selo’s AcceleratoEOK66Required for AA, No Rk. II or III
Soothing Psalm of the SunriseEOK57
War Chorus of Protan Rk. IIICOTF96
Harmony of Tone Rk. IIIROF97
Aria of Absolution Rk. IIIROF96
Oratory of Invitation Rk. IIIVOA94
Oratory of Opposition Rk. IIIVOA94
Lapsing Lullaby Rk. IIIVOA92
Cantata of Courage Rk. IIISOD85
Fermata of Preservation Rk. IITSS73Rk. III doesn’t exist
Jonthan’s Mightful Caretaker Rk. IIITBS71
Druzzil’s Disillusionment62Found in PoK library
Kazumi’s Note of Preservation60Found in PoK library
Aria of Asceticism45Found in PoK library
Amplification30Found in PoK library
Original list from cazic.Raccoo