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Is IGC recruiting? … even heroic toons?

YES! Always and forever. We are a guild with a mission. We built IGC around helping returning players and TLP players bridge back into current content on Live servers. If your toon is 85+ (heroics are fine) we are recruiting you! Any class, all year round. We expect that you have leveled a character from 1-60 at some point previously (even if it was 15 years go) and know what EQ is all about and enjoy the work! If you are excited about the work ahead of you but nervous about finding the support (read groups) to make it possible and even fun (gasp) … then you have found the guild you are looking for!

What classes does IGC need?

We want you to play the class that you are excited to max out and commit to long term. IGC is built to help players bridge back into current content. We spend our time year round helping new apps level and gear up. Its a lot of work on our end as well as yours. What ever class you pick will have no problem finding groups or a spot in the raid. So pick the class you truly enjoy and are excited to play long term and we will be excited to help you get there!

That said! Once you have picked the class you love for your main, if you decide to box creating a War/Clr/Enc/Brd/Shm is very helpful to the guild!

What do you tell all the apps?

Three things. The officer handling your app should message you something like the following before tagging your toon …

IGC is a macroquest (hacking software) free guild. It is not allowed in any form, any time, any place. It is not a judgment, its a reality that we have many players with 20+ year old accounts and we take protecting them from risk very seriously.

IGC is a drama free guild. Keyboard throwers, guild chat tantrum types, trolls, etc get weeded out fast. If you remove yourself from the guild for any reason, expect to stay removed. We are all to old to have to deal with that stuff.

IGC has a 30 day app period. Mainly to ensure there is no MQ (hacking software) use or drama. At the end of the app period you should be max level and running around current content like you own the place … while helping the next wave of apps just as you were helped.

What is IGC raiding?

We raid every weeknight! Monday -> Friday. Part of our mission is to be the guild that always has something fun going on. No matter what night you login IGC has an event planned!

We are currently farming ToV T1 and progressing CoV T1.

We also drop other targets for achievements and RKIII spells for the constant flow of returning players we support! So expect to see things like EOK/ROS/TBL/GMM thrown in there as well!

Raid Invites start at 8:30pm est
We engage promptly at 9pm est
We are done by 11

Boxes are allowed at raids if there is room.

Our raids are open to all guild tags. Please feel welcome to join us!
Please do not ask “what is the target?”. If you want to spend your evening raiding with IGC … send a tell at 8:30est and be buffed and ready to engage by 9pm est!

There is no minimum attendance rule. But, if you are online during event hours its expected that you participate.

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